Saturday, July 28, 2012



I look to the summit of ministry Everest and recognize familiar faces, my heroes, the previous generations, who paved a way and a path I have yet to climb.

It will be easier for me because they went ahead. They are in no wise insignificant or of less importance to us because they came before and represent the previous moves of God, leadership roles and positions.  Actually, they inspire awe because their mettle is something seldom seen nowadays.

I look back down the slope from about mid-way, and there's a generation or two coming after me. I look at them with the same depth of affection that I do with the generations that came before me – it’s a sacred brotherhood, fraternity.  I am hoping to offer some help, impart inspiration, maybe some strength from my personal struggles unique to this elevation that I have experienced along the way.

I hope they don't try to rush past me. This culture's trends, fads and crush of life screams out for instant everything.  There are real dangers on these slopes, some they have not stumbled upon as of yet.  There are traps and pitfalls along the way.  They cropped up around this elevation and I can see more ahead from this vantage point – pitfalls, traps that they can’t see from where they are!

Lord, help them!  They just can't afford to rush it or be impatient. I'm fearful that if they do, and if they are even able to reach the summit, their time there will be jeopardized because we are conditioned for each new landing along the way and, for that, there is no shortcut or substitute.

Young Ministers, let's link hands with these older, wiser heroes and clasp hands together with a grip of honor, respect, trust, vulnerability and unity.  Let’s create a life-giving environment in the rigors of these hostile elements of ministry mountains, Everest.  We’re reaching!
Bishop Freddie Steel – 04-26-12  © All Rights Reserved

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