Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tolerating the Bitter Thing Rather Than Doing The Hard Thing

Tolerating The Bitter Thing Rather Than Doing The Hard Thing
Grasping the Power and Potential in Praise
Bishop Freddie Steel

I am home, doing some house cleaning before Mary Gaye, my wife, gets home tonight from music and choir rehearsal - usually around 10:30.

While cleaning, I was praying for the Church Family individually and corporately.  I heard the Spirit of the Lord speak to my heart that I was to stop, write this and tell you that you must be willing to do the hard thing rather than tolerating the bitter thing.  Here's what that means.

You can wake up in a different world tomorrow, regardless the circumstances surrounding your plight.  You can draw God, by His Spirit, into your situation and His Presence will transform and this is how.

First, ingratitude blinds ones eyes to all of the good God has sent our way and perpetuates a dissatisfaction that nothing or no one could fill and fulfill as long as gratitude is absent.  I pray that our Church, LIFE Church of Chicagoland, has a 'Revival of Gratitude' that will lead to the next step that also helps to transform your day - immediately.

That Second issue is 'Praise' and that is the hard thing.  As long as your mind is overworked with 'What ifs' and your mouth and lips are closed and withholding Praise that is already past due to God (even if He doesn't do one more thing
for us He is worthy of constant praise), the enemy will continue to cloak your mind, your emotions, your home, your workplace, wherever you are with a spirit of heaviness because we have left that gateway into our life unattended.

God comes in and out of every situation via Praise.  Can I implore you to find a spot daily where you can get alone with God and let the High Praises of God be released along with gratitude for every good and perfect gift He has sent your
way, especially that of His Son and Salvation.

Find a good, faith-building music source such as a CD, Internet radio, etc. and use that as a catalyst to help set the atmosphere.  The anointing on recordings can actually be stirred as you are listening.  The messages in the music can cause you to either honor God with praise or build your faith and lift you above the shadows.

Praise Him until all of your emotions rise to the surface - usually in tears.  I have 'crawled' to the quiet place with God more than once, feeling that I could not make another step and would begin this process.  Usually, God will highlight one song that reaches deep into my soul and touches that pain, the hurt, the bitterness, sorrow or hopelessness and the emotions begin to rise.  I have cried gutterall, bitter tears many, many times as I employ this strategy and discipline.  Eventually, the bitter tears turn to relief and tears of joy begin to flow and the joy of the Lord that the enemy tried to steal begins to flow again and I feel the Strength of God flow into my heart, mind, perspective.  I step back into my circumstances assured by the life-changing power and Presence of God.

Have you been tolerating the bitter things and neglecting to do that 'hard thing?'  It will take a push to push through the resistance the enemy has set up against you.  But, you were created to be a praiser and a worshiper.  That is our occupation and preoccupation.  Turn that music up and walk through your home with hands lifted declaring the Promises of God and declaring His authority and Lordship over your life, mind, emotions and circumstances.

Drive the enemy and the darkness from your surroundings!  God inhabits the praises of His people!  Have an eviction notice party of praise and praise until you know the breakthrough has come!  Then, praise Him some more.

Wake up tomorrow and start by thanking God for that cup of coffee, for running water, for eye sight, for another day.  Take EVERYthing that you have been fretting over or complaining about and make them objects of praise whether it is your job, children or your future and thank God that they are all secure by His Promises.

Tomorrow, YOU can walk into an entirely different day even if circumstances do not change by doing the hard thing and refusing to tolerate the bitter things.

All our love!

Pastors Freddie and Mary Gaye
LIFE Church of Chicagoland - 6600 W. 127th Street – Palos Heights, IL  60463 – -

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